About Me

My name is Robert Cartwright and I graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Technology. I am a hard working leader who specializes in the implementation of Citrix products for small businesses to large enterprise customers although I am also very familiar with most data center technologies. I currently work for Internetwork Engineering(IE) in the Charlotte Metro area.

I am dedicated to making sure that the work I do is concise, complete, and well documented. I pride myself in the work that I do, as well as the work of my teammates. I am a firm believer in working as a team to accomplish your end goal.

I try to create a friendly relationship with my customers, and they know they can always count on me in any scenario. I try to provide the best service to customers that I can, and it is apparent from my hard work ethic and dedication.

Mission Statement
My mission is to be the hardest possible worker that I can be. The satisfaction that I get not only from my hard work, but also the appreciation of my hard work by myself and others is what motivates me the most. I believe that by following the values I’ve followed throughout my life of being dedicated, dependable, and hard working, not only can I be a strong manager, but also a superior leader. By following these values, I will work to earn my customer’s trust and dependability.  I will do the best that I can to not only continue learning but sharing that wealth of knowledge with my peers.  I believe that working with a team is the best way to accomplish a goal.  By learning and passing knowledge among each other, that team has very little weak points.

Vision Statement
I will become a meticulously dedicated leader who will not only do best to better himself, but do his best to aid those around him in feeling confident and proud of the hard work we have put forth.  With the ever changing business of technology, I am constantly eager to learn more.  I will continue learning by investing in training, self study within my test environment, and asking for opportunities to learn from my peers.  Through my hard work, determination, and understanding of the products I implement, I hope to become an architect one day.  With this, I know that a natural feeling of accomplishment and pride will come over me when I can look back and see all that I’ve overcome to reach this point. I’ll know this, when the customers I engage with, can look to me with certainty that my contributions are always going to be in the best interest of them and their employees. I believe that I will be a great leader to not only my colleagues, but my family and friends alike, knowing that their guidance is what made me who I have become today. By following these principals, I can guarantee the financial stability and respect for myself and my family.